Soft Rollers (Qty. 12)
Brynn with soft rollers (doll not included)

Soft Rollers (Qty. 12)

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7/16" (Qty. 12. For dolls and girls)
1/2" (Qty. 12. For dolls and girls)
9/16" (Qty. 12. For dolls and girls)


The easy to use soft rollers are the best way to put spiral curls in your doll's or your hair! The Velcro (R) at the end makes it even easier to get the roller started. Start at the Velcro (R) end and and roll up the damp hair around the soft roller. Next, snap one end of the roller into the other end to hold it in place. Use the pink hooded dryer (sold separately) to dry the doll's hair for about 10 minutes. Once it's dry, you'll have MEGA spiral curls!

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